July 16, 2011

WCRD Youth All-Stars state results

Submitted by Whitfield County Recreation Department

— The Whitfield County Recreation Department hosted Dixie Softball and Dizzy Dean Baseball state tournaments this past weekend at Edwards Park.

Local results and highlights:

Dixie Darlings 8U

• Perry Junior League 18, Whitfield National 12: (WN) Elle McDonald HR

• Jones County 14, Whitfield American 3

• Perry Junior League 25, Dalton All-Stars 4

• Whitfield National 17, Baconton County 0: (WN) Elle McDonald HR

• Baldwin County 17, Whitfield American 12

• Baldwin County 8, Dalton All-Stars 5

• Lee County 16, Whitfield National 10

• Championship Game — Lee County 17, Perry Junior League 10

Dixie Angels 10U

• Marion County 23, Dalton 1: (D) Capri Harris 1-for-2

• Whitfield National 8, Jones County 7: (WN) Megan Chapman 2-for-2, McKinleigh Richardson 1-for-3, Alaina Thompson 1-for-3, Lexie Quinton 1-for-3, Macy Smith 1-for-3

• Whitfield American 14, Seminole County 11: (WA) Bethanie Cochran 1-for-1, Tatum Poe 1-for-2

• Perry Junior League 15, Dalton All-Stars 5: (D) Capri Harris 3-for-3, Kali Ledwell 2-for-2, HR, Sydnee Ault 1-for-2, Teri Cole 1-for-2, Michaela Smith 1-for-2, Jada Harrison 1-for-3

• Whitfield National 11, Whitfield American 0: (WN) Kylie Caylor 1-for-2, Kennedy Stroud 1-for-1; (WA) Tionna Baker 1-for-1, Monica Hijar 1-for-1

• Whitfield American 7, Taylor County 5: (WA) Aleah Halliday 1-for-2, Tionna Baker 1-for-1

• Marion County 15, Whitfield National 5

• Whitfield National 10, Whitfield American 8: (WN) Kylie Caylor 1-for-1, Alaina Thompson 1-for-2, Macy Smith 1-for-2, Autumn Thompson 1-for-2, Kennedy Stroud 1-for-1; (WA) Lauren Fish 3-for-3, HR, Tionna Baker 1-for-1, Monica Hijar 1-for-1, Alexis Hewitt 1-for-1, Macy Smith 2-for-2

• Whitfield National 9, Marion County 8: (WN) Peyton Warnix 2-for-4, Olivia Mantooth 1-for-2, Kylie Caylor 1-for-3, Alaina Thompson 1-for-1, Lexie Gowin 3-for-3, Megan Chapman 2-for-2, Autumn Thompson 1-for-1, Courtney Burchfield 1-for-2

• Championship Game — Baldwin County 12, Whitfield National 0: (WN) Olivia Mantooth 1-for-2, Megan Chapman 1-for-1

Dixie Ponytails 12U

• Whitfield County 28, Dalton All-Stars 4: (W) Joanna Peralta 2-for-2, Olivia Elrod 3-for-3, Jaida Walston 2-for-2, Kayla Bearden 2-for-4, Hope Hasty 2-for-3, Nicole Bates 2-for-3, Kelsey Bates 3-for-4, Aubree Cervantes 2-for-3; (D) Sara Sullivan 1-for-1

• Columbia County 29, Dalton All-Stars 2

• Whitfield County 5, Taylor County 2: (W) Jaida Walston 1-for-1, Hope Hasty 1-for-2, Nicole Bates 1-for-2

• Perry Junior League 2, Whitfield County 1: (W) Olivia Elrod 1-for-2, Madison Gowin 1-for-3, Hope Hasty 2-for-2, Nicole Bates 1-for-2

• Whitfield County 6, Taylor County 1: (W) Joanna Peralta 1-for-3, Kayla Bearden 2-for-3, Jaida Walston 1-for-3, Hope Hasty 1-for-3, Kelsey Bates 1-for-2, Aubree Cervantes 1-for-2

• Championship Game — Perry Junior League 3, Whitfield County 1: (WC) Joanna Peralta 1-for-3, Olivia Elrod 1-for-3, Madison Gowin 2-for-3, Nicole Bates 1-for-1, Jordan Belflower 1-for-2

Dizzy Dean 8U

• Cedartown Vipers 24, Whitfield Vipers 2: (WV) Preston Nealey 1-for-2, Lake Pickens 1-for-2, Kyle Felker 1-for-2, Luke Gentry 1-for-1

• Whitfield Vipers 16, Chickamauga Trojans 7: (WV) Cameron Walker 4-for-4, Preston Nealey 4-for-4, Riley Parker 2-for-4, Lake Pickens 3-for-3, Kyle Felker 1-for-3, Asa Cleghorn 2-for-2, Luke Owen 1-for-1, Luke Gentry 3-for-3

• Ringgold Tigers 6, Whitfield Vipers 5: (WV) Cameron Walker 1-for-3, Preston Nealey 2-for-3, Riley Parker 2-for-3, Anthony Vega 1-for-3, Kyle Felker 2-for-3, Caleb Dickey 1-for-3, Grayson Boyd 1-for-2, Luke Gentry 1-for-2