June 11, 2011

WCPRD tournament champions

The Whitfield County Parks and Recreation Department concluded its postseason baseball tournaments, with champions awarded.

Results and highlights:

Dixie AA 7-8 Gold

• Varnell Silver Colts W, Westside Sluggers L

• New Hope Red Grizzlies W, Dawnville White Sox L

• Beaverdale Purple Wildcats 16, Westside Rangers 8

• Pleasant Grove Eagles W, Westside Cyclones L

• New Hope Red Grizzlies W, Westside Rangers L

• Westside Cyclones W, Varnell Silver Colts L

• Pleasant Grove Eagles 17, Beaverdale Purple Wildcats 16

• New Hope Red Grizzlies W, Westside Cyclones L

• Beaverdale Purple Wildcats 18, New Hope Red Grizzlies 10

• Beaverdale Purple Wildcats 15, Pleasant Grove Eagles 7

• Championship Game — Beaverdale Purple Wildcats 10, Pleasant Grove Eagles 2

Dixie AA 7-8 Silver

• New Hope Bruins W, Tunnel Hill Express L

• Dug Gap Wolves 10, Dawnville Huskies 9

• Westside Nationals W, Varnell Navy Colts L

• Varnell Navy Colts W, New Hope Bruins L

• Championship Game — Westside Nationals 10, Varnell Navy Colts 9

Dixie AAA 10U Gold

• Westside Lug Nuts 8, New Hope White Grizzlies 7: (WS) Alex Gonzalez 3-for-3, Julian Perez WP 2-for-2, Logan Akins 2-for-3, Jacob Sanders 2-for-3; (NH) Chris Cunningham 2-for-2, Toby Brown 2-for-2, Carson Johnston 2-for-2

• Dawnville Braves 6, Tunnel Hill Braves 1: (DB) Bradley Howard WP, Andrew Fowler HR, Zach Cole 2-for-2, Austin Cochran 2-for-2

• Dug Gap Red Sox 6, Cohutta White Sox 3: (DG) Javier Hernandez WP, Roman Hernandez 2-for-2, Javier Favela 2-for-2

• New Hope Blue Grizzlies 14, Dug Gap Orioles 6: (NH) Brody Crossen WP, 2-for-3, HR, Drew Sage 2-for-2, Seth Henderson 2-for-2; (DG) Justin Ketchem HR

• Cohutta White Sox 8, Dawnville Braves 6: (CWS) Josh Cronan WP; (DB) Andrew Fowler 2-for-2, HR, Zac Cole 2-for-2

• Dug Gap Orioles 9, Westside Lug Nuts 8: (DG) Parker Brock WP, Davison Reynolds 2-for-2, Will Harvey HR; (WS) Alex Gonzalez 2-for-2, K, Johnson 2-for-2

• New Hope Blue Grizzlies 9, Dug Gap Red Sox 8: (NH) Brody Crossen WP, Drew Sage 3-for-4; (DG) Ramon Hernandez 3-for-5, Bryce Stanley 2-for-4

• Dug Gap Orioles 9, Cohutta White Sox 2: (DG) Davison Reynolds WP

• Dug Gap Orioles 8, Dug Gap Red Sox 6: (DGO) Justin Ketchem WP, Carter Sides 2-for-3, Austin Hackney 2-for-3, Davison Reynolds 2-for-3, Parker Brock HR; (DGRS) Ramon Hernandez 2-for-3, Javier Favela 2-for-3, Ramiro Fraire 2-for-3

• Dug Gap Orioles 6, New Hope Blue Grizzlies 4: (DG) Parker Brock WP, Austin Hackney 2-for-2, Will Harvey 2-for-2

• Championship Game — New Hope Blue Grizzlies 7, Dug Gap Orioles 5: (NH) Drew Sage WP

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