January 18, 2014

Whitfield County Recreation Department results for Jan. 3-11

The Whitfield County Recreation Department continued its youth basketball league seasons with games on Jan. 3-11.

Results and highlights included:

7-8 boys

Eastbrook Mustangs, New Hope Orange Grizzlies: (E) — Mathew Wilcox, three points. (NH) — Hudson Gray, four points.

New Hope White Grizzlies, Varnell Navy Colts: (NH) — Chase Ward, six points. (V) — Peter Brock, nine points.

Varnell Navy Colts, Eastbrook Mustangs: (V) — Peter Brock, four points. (E) — Alan Gonzalez, six points; Bryson Durham, three points.

Varnell Colts, New Hope Orange Grizzlies: (V) — Jon Richards, four points; Hank Scruggs, four points; Conner Thomas, four points; Will Douglas, best defensive player. (NH) — Bradyn Lofty, three points; Caden Lee, best defensive player; Grae Sanders, best offensive player.

Valley Point Waves, Beaverdale Wildcats: (VP) — Coy Jones, 12 points; Nate Seay, six points. (B) — Luke Sweeney, nine points; Bailey Stroud, four points.

Westside Colts, New Hope White Grizzlies: (W) — Dakota Blackwell, 10 points; Jersey Poe, six points; Logan Hall, best defensive player. (NH) — Gavin Smith, four points; Chase Ward, four points.

New Hope Orange Grizzlies, Cohutta Bulldogs: (NH) — Hudson Gray, 12 points; Conner Thomas, six points; Jon Richards, best defensive player. (C) — Jacob Hight, co-best defensive player; Jaidan Hight, co-best defensive player.

Beaverdale Wildcats, New Hope White Grizzlies: (B) — Luke Sweeney, 10 points; Tanner Headrick, seven points; Bailey Stroud, best defensive player. (NH) — Justin Gembe, eight points; Tytus Ramsey, best defensive player.

Varnell Navy Colts, Cohutta Heat: (V) — Andrew Whaley, six points. (C) — Jaxon Phillips, 15 points.

7-8 girls

Eastbrook Wild Cats, Beaverdale Wildcats: (E) — Ciera Colt, six points; Abby Stanley, two points. (B) — Shea Poe, 15 points; Kaitlyn Porter, four points.

Cohutta Purple Peacocks, Westside Rockets: (C) — Taylor Shannon, best offensive player. (W) — Lexi Lyon, 10 points; Staesha Campbell, best defensive player.

New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs, Tunnel Hill Lightning: (NH/PG) — Sydney Dean, four points; Alura McClure, best defensive player. (TH) — Cadence Blackwell, seven points; Abigail Rann, best defensive player.

New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs, Cohutta Purple Peacocks: (NH/PG) — Mia Bravo, best defensive player; Tamara Watson, best hustle. (C) — McKayla Crider, four points; Karis Hurt, best defensive player.

Eastbrook Wild Cats, Tunnel Hill Lightning: (E) — Lazeth Cortez, four points; Kinsley Patterson, best defensive player. (TH) — Cadence Blackwell, best offensive player; Bethany Abrams, best defensive player.

New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs, Westside Rockets: (NH/PG) — Sydney Dean, three points; Brooklyn Hall, best defensive player. (W) — Lexi Lyon, six points; Aubree Holmes, best defensive player.

Cohutta Peacocks, Beaverdale Wildcats: (C) — Carmen Lerae, best defensive player. (B) — Shea Poe, eight points; Raylee Hankins, six points; Kate Snyder, best defensive player.

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