February 9, 2014

Whitfield County Recreation Department results: postseason tournaments

The Whitfield County Recreation Department recently held its youth basketball league postseaon tournaments. Results and highlights:

7-8 girls

New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs 7, Eastbrook Wild Cats 5: (NH/PG) — Caroline Buckner, three points; Sydney Dean, best defensive player. (E) — Ciera Bolt, best offensive player; Elizabeth Knight, best defensive player.

Tunnel Hill Lightning 14, Westside Rockets 0: (TH) — Aubrey Rann, six points; Jada Harrod, best defensive player. (W) — Aubrey Holmes, best offensive player; Maddie Redmond, best defensive player.

New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs 16, Cohutta Purple Peacocks 2: (NH/PG) — Sydney Dean, 10 points; Caroline Buckner, four points; Allura McClure, two points. (COH) — Mikayla Crider, two points.

Tunnel Hill Lightning 6, Beaverdale Wildcats 2: (TH) — Aubrey Rann, best offensive player; Griffin Harrison, best defensive player. (B) — Shea Poe, best offensive player; Cadynce Curry, best defensive player.

ChampionshipTunnel Hill Lightning 8, New Hope/Pleasant Grove Cheetahs 6: (NH/PG) — Sydney Dean, four points; Kinsley Johnson, two points. (TH) — Cadence Blackwell, four points; Aubrey Rann, best defensive player.

7-8 boys

Beaverdale Wildcats 14, Varnell Colts 9: (V) — Issac Mantooth, four points; Breckin Sermin, three points; Landon Richards, best defensive player.

Cohutta Heat 23, Varnell Navy Colts 12: (V) — Peter Brock, nine points; Brayden Steadman, three points. (C) — Jaxon Phillips, 14 points; Lucas Kinsey, four points; Hunter Parton, two points; Logan Patterson, two points.

New Hope Orange Grizzlies 32, Cohutta Bulldogs 2: (NH) — Jake Cummings, four points; Will Douglas, four points; Hudson Gray, eight points; Gavin Morgan, four points; Jon Richards, four points; Damien Rodriguez, best defensive player. (C) — Preston Green, best offensive player; Lync Hughes, best defensive player.

New Hope White Grizzlies 12, Westside Blue Devils 2: (NH) — Chase Ward, best offensive player; Tytus Ramsey, best defensive player.

New Hope Orange Grizzlies 19, Eastbrook Mustangs 7: (NH) — Hudson Gray, 11 points; Jake Cummings, four points. (E) — Bryson Durham, five points; Alan Gonzalez, two points.

Valley Point Waves 19, Beaverdale Wildcats 7: (VP) — Alden Patterson, six points, Nate Seay, six points; Coy Jones, five points.

Westside Colts 17, Cohutta Heat 16: (W) — Dakota Blackwell, 10 points; Jersey Poe, six points. (C) — Jaxon Phillips, 10 points; Hunter Parton, four points.

New Hope White Grizzlies 21, Tunnel Hill 20: (NH) — Cullen Marti, best offensive player; Justin Gembe, best defensive player. (TH) — Hayden Hampton, best offensive player; Micah McKeehan, best defensive player.

Valley Point Waves 16, Westside Colts 11: (VP) — Coy Jones, nine points; Alden Patterson, six points. (W) — Dakota Blackwell, six points.

New Hope Orange Grizzlies 17, New Hope White Grizzlies 13: (Orange Grizzlies) — Gavin Morgan, seven points; Hudson Gray, four points; Hank Scruggs, four points. (White Grizzlies) — Chase Ward, nine points; Tytus Ramsey, best defensive player.

ChampionshipValley Point Waves 13, New Hope Orange Grizzlies 12: (VP) — Coy Jones, eight points. (NH) — Hudson Gray, eight points.

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