October 24, 2011

WCPRD football youth bowls results


Bronze Cup Bowl

• Bantam 7-8 — New Hope White Grizzlies 14, Varnell Silver Colts 13: (NH) — Jax Brooker, two touchdown runs (3 and 4 yards) and one extra point; Ryan Womac, extra point; outstanding offensive players, Zander Frady, Dylan McClure and Luke Blanchard; outstanding defensive players, Grant Bates, Trevis Grooms and Tanner Pierce. (V) — Mason Cross, 64-yard touchdown run; Kyker Bass, 33-yard touchdown run; C.J. Cadill, extra point; outstanding offensive players, T-Bird Bickford, Thailan Young and A.J. German; outstanding defensive players, Brandon Scoggins, Jake Fossett and Mason Cross.

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