November 25, 2011

Whitfield teams are runners-up in GRPA District 5

Submitted by WCPRD

— The Whitfield County Parks and Recreation Department completed play in Georgia Recreation and Park Association All-Star Football for District 5 this past weekend.

Scores, highlights and outstanding players included:

Flea 7-8

• Bartow County 25, Whitfield County 7: (B) — Amari Orr, three touchdown runs (60, 60 and 17 yards). (W) — Quinton Griggs 26-yard touchdown run; Chase Gentry, extra point; Lake Pickens and Caleb Nix, outstanding offensive players; Jake Fossett and Jack Brock, outstanding defensive players.

• Cartersville All-Stars 14, Whitfield County All-Stars 0

Mite 9-10

• Whitfield County 20, Cartersville 14: (W) — Jake Moser, two touchdown runs (2 and 4 yards); Michael King, 37-yard interception return for touchdown; Andrew Sage, extra-point kick. (C) — Jack Dyer two touchdowns (56-yard kickoff return; 41-yard touchdown run).

• Bartow County 22 , Whitfield County All-Stars 0: (C) — Thomas Gilliam, two touchdown runs (35 and 40 yards); Rhett Moore, 12-yard touchdown run. (W) — Brody Crossen and Zeke Hull, outstanding offensive players; Zac Cole, Daniel Chacon and Skylor Burke, outstanding defensive players. Whitfield finished as District 5 runner-up.

• Cartersville All-Stars 6, Dalton All-Stars 0

Midget 11-12

• Whitfield County 28, Dalton 0: (W) — Luke Shiflett, two touchdown runs (1 and 2 yards) and 39-yard touchdown pass to Seth Godfrey; Sebastian Orozoco, 35-yard touchdown run; Gavin DeFoor, two extra-point kicks.

• Whitfield County 30, Cartersville 6: (W) — Maddox Adams, 5-yard touchdown run and 15-yard touchdown pass received from Luke Shiflett, who also had a 40-yard punt return; Sebastian Orozco, 25-yard touchdown run; Gavin DeFoor, three PATs kicked for two points each. Whitfield finished as District 5 runner-up.