October 18, 2011

WCPRD, DPRD youth football results

— The Whitfield County Parks and Recreation Department continued its youth football season with its third week of games. Results and highlights:

Bantam 7-8

• Westside Rockets 19, Pleasant Grove Eagles 0: (W) — Chase Gentry, two touchdown runs; Sam Gazaway, touchdown run; Reece McCoy PAT; outstanding offensive player, Tyson Neil; outstanding defensive player, Eli Johnson. (PG) — outstanding offensive player, Alex Sutton; outstanding defensive player, Brett Talley.

• Pleasant Grove Eagles 14, Dalton Razorbacks 0

• Dalton Falcons 13, Dalton Steelers 0

• Eastbrook Firedawgs 7, Dug Gap Bears 0

• Dalton Bulldogs 32, Valley Point Greenhorns 0

• Varnell Navy Colts 32, Beaverdale Wildcats 12: (V) — Tyler Locklear, three touchdown runs (60, 60 and 40 yards); Jack Brock, two touchdown runs (30 and 18 yards) and PAT run; Bailey Saylors PAT; outstanding offensive player, Isaac Phillips; outstanding defensive player, Aaron Ault. (B) — Keaton McQuaig, 32-yard touchdown run, Zach Hensley, 4-yard touchdown run and outstanding offensive player; outstanding defensive player, Hayden Sumner.

• New Hope White Grizzlies 26, Westside Colts 7: (NH) — Jax Brooker, touchdown and PAT; Ryan Womac, touchdown and PAT; Luke Blanchard, touchdown; Hunter Hill, touchdown; outstanding offensive player, Dylan McClure; outstanding defensive player, Grant Bates. (W) — Holden Lane, touchdown; Collin Hall, PAT; outstanding offensive player, Jess Hooker; outstanding defensive player, Pierce Newby.

• Westside Rockets 28, New Hope Blue Grizzlies 0: (W) — Tucker Johnson, 3-yard touchdown run and PAT; Reece McCoy, 10-yard touchdown run and PAT; Chase Gentry, two touchdown runs (16 and 15 yards); Ethan Day two-point conversion pass received from Sam Gazaway; outstanding offensive player, Aiden Hosford; outstanding defensive player, Collin Meason. (NH) — outstanding offensive player, Easton Gray; outstanding defensive player, Micah Walkey.

• Varnell Silver Colts 31, Tunnel Hill Titans 0: (V) — Kyler Bass, three touchdowns and PAT; Javi Sandoval, touchdown; C.J. Caudill, touchdown; outstanding offensive player, Mason Cross; outstanding defensive player, Justin Baker. (TH) — outstanding offensive players, Jacob Hardin and Javin Price; outstanding defensive players, Will Roper and Silas Harrod.

Mite 9 – 10

• New Hope Blue Grizzlies 6 , Varnell Colts 0: (NH) — Brody Crossen, 40-yard touchdown run; outstanding offensive player, Seth Henderson; outstanding defensive player, Keyonte Baker; (V) — outstanding offensive player, Spencer Hammontree; outstanding defensive player, Ben Brooker.

• Pleasant Grove Eagles 14, Beaverdale Wildcats 0: (PG) — Robert Rodriguez, 3-yard touchdown run; Kobi Baker, 40-yard touchdown run; outstanding offensive player, Kobi Baker; outstanding defensive player, Zeke Hull. (B) — outstanding offensive player, Mathew Harris; outstanding defensive player, Junior Silvers.

• New Hope White Grizzlies 28, Dawnville Falcons 6: (NH) — Kooper Pardee, 22-yard touchdown run and 20-yard touchdown pass to Mason Blanchard; Taylor Flower, 10-yard touchdown run; Skylor Burke, 9-yard touchdown run; Bryce Mantooth, two extra-point kicks. (D) — Daniel Morgan, 14-yard touchdown pass from Zac Cole.

• Eastbrook Falcons 14, Tunnel Hill Raiders 0: (E) — Luis Deleon, 35-yard punt return touchdown and safety; Andrew Painter, 6-yard touchdown run; outstanding offensive player, Sinalod Verdugo; outstanding defensive player, Kojack Connor. (TH) — outstanding offensive player, Brandon Graham; outstanding defensive player, Jose Chavarria.

• New Hope Blue Grizzlies 26, Eastbrook Falcons 0: (NH) — Seth Henderson, four touchdown runs ( 35, 20, 10 and 30 yards) and PAT for two points.

• Varnell Colts 16, Westside Falcons 0: (V) — Michael King, two touchdown runs, 1 and 27 yards; A.J. Kent, two-point conversion pass received from Trevor Owens; Roberto Pintor, safety; outstanding offensive player, Ben Brooker; outstanding defensive player, Tyler Padgett. (W) — outstanding offensive player, Gavin Ellis; outstanding defensive player, Dallin Terry.

• Pleasant Grove Eagles 28, Tunnel Hill Raiders 0: (PG) — Logan Russell, 12-yard touchdown run; Robert Rodriguez 18-yard touchdown run; Kobi Baker, 65-yard touchdown run; Ethan Arnold, two PATs; outstanding defensive player, Jeffrey Edwards, touchdown pass received from Cade Bates; outstanding offensive player, Alex Childers. (TH) — outstanding offensive player, Trent Snyder; outstanding defensive player, Jose Mariscal.

• Beaverdale Wildcats 14, Westside Bruins 0: (B) Dillon Carlock, 34-yard touchdown run; Bailey McQuaig, 3-yard touchdown run and safety; outstanding offensive player, Walker Wilson; outstanding defensive player, Mason Milstead. (W) — outstanding offensive player, Carson Shepard; outstanding defensive player, Malachi Parker.

• Valley Point Greenhorns 20, Dawnville Falcons 0: (VP) — Jake Moser, three touchdown runs (40, 25 and 25 yards); Jaxon Wells, two-point conversion pass received; outstanding offensive player, Zach Gray; outstanding defensive player, Koy Gray.

• Dug Gap Patriots 13, New Hope White Grizzlies 6: (DG) — Hardin Chambless, two touchdown runs (60 and 55 yards); (NH) — Kooper Pardee, 7-yard touchdown run.

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