September 21, 2011

Seasons under way for county, city youth football leagues

— The Whitfield County Parks and Recreation Department began its youth football league with games on Sept. 12. Scores, highlights and outstanding players included:

Bantam 7-8

• Varnell Navy Colts 34, Eastbrook Firedawgs 14: (V) — Tyler Locklear four TDs (60-yard run, 60-yard run, 6-yard run, 23-yard run), two extra-point runs; Jack Brock one TD (4-yard run); outstanding offensive player, Tyler Locklear; outstanding defensive player, Chris Richards. (E) — Salvadore Garcia one TD (60-yard run), Quinton Griggs one TD (61-yard run) and two extra-point runs.

• Pleasant Grove Eagles 7, Varnell Silver Colts 6: (P) — Matthew Redmond one TD (70-yard run); Kobe Richards extra-point run; outstanding offensive player, Kyle Felker; outstanding defensive player, Reece Epperson. (V) Kyler Bass one TD (20-yard run); outstanding offensive players, Jake Fossett; outstanding defensive player, Javi Sandoval.

• Valley Point Greenhorns 26, Tunnel Hill Titans 12: (V) — Preston Roberts three TDs (2-yard run, 1-yard run, 6-yard run), two extra-point runs; Sean Gray 20-yard TD run; outstanding offensive player, Brandon Echols; outstanding defensive player, Carter Jones. (T) — John Fraley one TD (64-yard run), Nick Locke one TD (60-yard run); outstanding offensive player, Jacob Hardin; outstanding defensive player, Justin Middlebrooke.

• Dalton Bulldogs 6, Westside Rockets 0: (W) — outstanding offensive player, Chase Gentry; outstanding defensive player, Ethan Day.

• Dalton Steelers 13, Beaverdale Wildcats 0: (D) — A.J. Hernandes two TDs (70-yard run, 60-yard run); Parker Adams extra-point run; outstanding offensive player, A.J. Hernandes; outstanding defensive player, Karim Page. (B) — outstanding offensive player, Carter Ledford; outstanding defensive player, Hayden Sumner.

• New Hope White Grizzlies 14, Dalton Razorbacks 12: (N) Zander Frady one TD (21-yard run), Ryan Womack one TD (20-yard run), extra-point run; Jax Brooker extra-point run; outstanding offensive player, Trevis Grooms; outstanding defensive player, Manny Borero. (D) — Malachi Hill two TDs (50-yard run, 70-yard run).

• Dug Gap Bears 13, Westside Colts 12: (D) Chandler Hubbard two TDs (1-yard run, 51-yard run), extra-point run; outstanding offensive player, Hardy Jones; outstanding defensive player, Erica Tallent. (W) — Holden Lane two TDs (32-yard run, 53-yard run); outstanding offensive player, Collin Hall; outstanding defensive player, Will Smith.

• Dalton Falcons 32, New Hope Blue Grizzlies 0: (D) Brady Pendley three TDs, Henry Bethel one TD, extra-point run, Tucker Jordan extra-point run, Parker Eicholtz extra-point run.

• Beaverdale Wildcats 21, Tunnel Hill Titans 0: (B) Will Locke three TDs (35-yard run, 19-yard run, 4-yard run), extra-point run, Carter Ledfor two extra-point runs; outstanding offensive player, Zach Hensley; outstanding defensive player, Hayden Sumner. (T) — outstanding offensive player, John Fraley; outstanding defensive player, Jacob Hardin.

• Westside Rockets 29, Westside Colts 7: (WR) Reece McCoy one TD (12-yard run); Sam Gazaway one TD (45-yard run); Tucker Johnson one TD (3-yard run); Aiden Hosford one TD (9-yard run); Holden Lane one TD (3-yard run).

• Eastbrook Firedawgs 13, Pleasant Grove Eagles 0: (E) — Quinton Griggs two TDs (25-yard run, 50-yard run), extra-point run; outstanding offensive player, Quinton Griggs; outstanding defensive player, Jordan Trevino; (V) outstanding offensive player, Kobe Richards; outstanding defensive player, Goliath Watson.

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