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June 2, 2011

WCPRD Tournament Scores

The Whitfield County Parks and Recreation Department’s postseason Gold and Silver baseball tournaments are under way.

Results and highlights from May 31 and June 1:

Dixie AA 7-8 Gold

• Westside Sluggers 15, New Hope Grizzlies 0

• New Hope Red Grizzlies W, Valley Point Greensocks L

• Pleasant Grove Eagles 11, Cohutta Bulldogs 5

• Westside Rangers 14, Varnell Silver Colts 2

• Beaverdale Purple Wildcats 21, Westside Sluggers 14

• Westside Cyclones W, New Hope Red Grizzlies L

• Pleasant Grove Eagles 12, Dawnville White Sox 1

• Varnell Silver Colts W, Valley Point Greensocks L

• Westside Sluggers W, Cohutta Bulldogs L

• New Hope Red Grizzlies W, New Hope Grizzlies L

Dixie AA 7-8 Silver

• New Hope Bruins 12, Dawnville Huskies 11

• Westside Nationals 12, Eastbrook Firedawgs 10

• Varnell Navy Colts 13, Tunnel Hill Express 4

• Dug Gap Wolves W, Beaverdale Gray Wildcats L

• Dawnville Huskies W, Eastbrook Firedawgs L

• Westside Nationals W, New Hope Bruins L

• Varnell Navy Colts 9, Dug Gap Wolves 6

Dixie AAA 9-10 Gold

• Cohutta White Sox 5, Varnell Navy Colts 1: (CWS) Josh Cronan WP 5 Ks, 2-for-3

• Tunnel Hill Braves 4, New Hope White Grizzlies 3: (TH) Reed McClain WP, DJ Hutchinson 2-for-2; (NH) Cory Johnson 2-for-2

• Dug Gap Red Sox 11, Beaverdale Blue Wildcats 1: (DG) Javier Hernandez WP, Jager Dickson 2-for-2, Bryce Stanley 2-for-2, Ramon Henderson 2-for-2

• Dug Gap Orioles 11, Dawnville Braves 2: (DG) Parker Brock WP, Justin Ketchem 2-for-2, HR, Carter Sides 2-for-2, Daniel Pimentel 2-for-2

• Cohutta White Sox 5, Westside Lug Nuts 4: (CWS) Alex Coker WP, Josh Cronan 2-for-2; (WS) Alex Gonzalez grand slam

• New Hope Blue Grizzlies 11, Tunnel Hill Braves 4: (NH) Brody Crossen WP, Drew Sage 2-for-2

• New Hope White Grizzlies 9, Beaverdale Blue Wildcats 2: (NH) Christopher Cunningham WP, Spencer Amos 2-for-2

• Dawnville Braves 9, Varnell Navy Colts 3: (DB) Andrew Fowler WP 2-for-2, Austin Cochran 2-for-2 HR, Zac Cole 2-for-2

Dixie AAA 9-10 Silver

• Eastbrook Royals 15, Westside Dodgers 1: (EB) Brett Buckner WP, Kaleb Valdez HR, Jesus Moya HR; (WS) Jamari Hale 2-for-3

• Varnell Colts W, Valley Point Greenwave L

• Westside Nationals 11, Pleasant Grove Royals 8: (WS) Trevor Martin 2-for-2, HR; Ethan Dallas, Chipper Kierce, Garrett Morrison, Cory Conner, Callen Nealey all with two hits each; (PG) Jeff Edwards, Skylor Burke, Austin Johnson all with two hits each

• Pleasant Grove Eagles W, Beaverdale Gray Wildcats L

• Valley Point Mud Dogs 5, Eastbrook Royals 3: (VP) Ethan Carroll WP 2-for-2; (EB) Dakota Griggs 2-for-2

• Westside Dodgers 12, Valley Point Greenwave 4: (WS) Dallin Terry WP, Daylin Young 2-for-2, Jaramey Hull 2-for-2, Blake Patton HR; (VP) Jason Ervin 2-for-2

• Pleasant Grove Royals 11, Westside Dodgers 4: (PG) Kobi Baker WP 2-for-2, Skylor Burke 2-for-2, Goliath Watson 2-for-2; (WS) Daylin Young 2-for-2, Jaramey Hull 2-for-2

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