September 20, 2013

Jamie Jones: Rhodes family reunion next?

— Here are the notes and news items from the week in pro wrestling: Goldust may rejoin the WWE fray and team with his brother, Cody Rhodes.

• WWE star John Cena is currently rehabbing following elbow surgery.

• In other WWE “injury” news, the organization updated The Miz’s condition after he was taken out by Randy Orton on Monday.

“He has a bruised breastbone and bruised collarbone, he has difficulty moving his neck and arm and signs of a pinched nerve,” Dr. Chris Amann said. “We’re doing further tests on him right now and we should have more information after those tests are completed.”

• Kane is starring in the horror movie “See No Evil 2,” which will begin filming soon.

• Jim Ross, who retired from WWE last week, told that he is “open-minded” to calling MMA matches. Nothing is imminent, though.

The Local Corner: Renegade Championship Wrestling is at 8 p.m. Saturdays at 806 Second Ave. in Chatsworth.

Trivia Teaser: What was the final match at the last WWE “In Your House” pay-per-view in April 1999?

Check back next week for the answer.

Last week’s question: In addition to holding the WWE championship, CM Punk held these two other championship belts.

ECW and Ring of Honor.

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