May 4, 2009

Adam Krohn: Richt: 'What does it matter if Stafford had an outburst?'

Last Monday, yours truly was at the Coosa Country Club in Rome, where the Rome Bulldog Club hosted University of Georgia football coach Mark Richt, who was in town for a meet-and-greet with fans.

Richt, as we all know, is an inspirational speaker and master of using motivational tactics to get results from his players on the football field.

Even Traditions of Rome, Inc. was aware of Richt’s motivating ways and set up shop at the country club with memorabilia to capitalize on some of his classic moves. There was a print titled “Blackout” of the Dawgs’ 2007 win over Auburn in which the players were motivated by wearing a different color jersey. And there was another print titled “The Celebration,” which beautifully captures the entire Bulldog team rushing to the end zone to celebrate the game’s first touchdown against Florida, also in 2007.

I couldn’t find any prints of the “Blackout” or Florida games from 2008, though. They must have sold out.

Anyway, as Richt entered the country club, I caught up with him to ask what everyone in Dalton wants to know: Will there be any new Carpets of Dalton commercials coming out this year?

Folks, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Richt confirmed to The Daily Citizen that there will be no new commercials. It looks as though us Daltonians are stuck with the same commercial we’ve seen for the past year that uses the same theme song we’ve heard for the past three decades.

Not to pick on Carpets of Dalton too much though, because it has nothing on Dalton Utilities-Optilink and Chattanooga’s WRCBTV Channel 3. The two have teamed up to torture Optilink cable subscribers for over a year now by looping the same commercial at every commercial break on every other station. If I hear news anchor Cindy Sexton say “It’s 11:07” one more time, I’m going to throw my TV set through the window.

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