October 4, 2009

Adam Krohn: Time for a change in Athens

We’re not even halfway into the college football season and already the University of Georgia Bulldogs finds themselves on the outside of both top 25 polls. That didn’t take long. Twice the Bulldogs have played a ranked team and twice they’ve lost. They barely snuck past the unranked opponents in their schedule — South Carolina, Arkansas and Arizona State.

Back in August, I wrote Georgia wasn’t worthy of its top 15 preseason ranking. You would have thought I was suggesting Kanye West acted as a gentleman by snatching the microphone from Taylor Swift at the VMAs (even though Beyonce’s video really was one of the greatest of all time and way better than Swift’s) based on the vitriolic e-mails I received in the days following.

“Obviously you don’t have a clue about Georgia football,” one reader named (I promise I’m not making this up) Bubba said. “I guess that’s why they pay you, to get people like me (word for anger) off at your ignorance.”

From another reader, “I bet you’re under 35 years old, voted for Obama, live in a trailer and pull for’re writing for the town of Mayberry, you loser.”

Well, at least he was right about me being under 35.

Look, I’m not here today to rub it in the face of Bulldog Nation that I was right about Georgia not being a top 15 team, or that I was right last year when I predicted Georgia would lose to Georgia Tech.

Instead, I would like to gently suggest that maybe it’s time for a coaching change in Athens.

I know, it sounds absurd to some that a coach who has won 78 percent of his games (85-25), two Southeastern Conference championships (2002, 2005), two BCS bowl games (2003, 2007) and has a 6-2 overall bowl record should have to move on.

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