November 27, 2013

"After Deadline" two-part Thanksgiving special

Devin Golden

— The Daily Citizen sports writers Chris Whitfield and Devin Golden did a two-part Thanksgiving Day special for this week's "After Deadline" podcast. In the first episode, they discuss the end of football season for all local high school teams and the biggest disappointment and surprises of the year. Chris then talks about his Georgia Bulldogs and the devastating loss at Auburn two weekends ago. The duo ends as they always do, talking about the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

In the second part, the two break from the tradition of talking about local sports to celebrate a different one, eating like kings on Thanksgiving.

They sought to answer the often-discussed question — which is the best food enjoyed on Thanksgiving? The Daily Citizen's sports editor, "The Mythical" Marty Kirkland created a bracket and paired the top 16 foods together, and Chris and Devin went matchup by matchup until only one winner remained.

The food that takes the crown is a bit of a surprise.

Notice there are two separate media players below. The top one is for part one of the special. The bottom one is for part two. Happy Thanksgiving!