September 21, 2012

Chris Whitfield's picks: Missing out on the finer things so far

Ever been sitting in a restaurant eating a big ol’ steak, reach the end of the meal and say to yourself, “That wasn’t quite right?” It’s one of those situations where if they had left the meat on the grill for just a minute more or less, it would have been perfect.

That is sort of how this high school football season has gone for me so far. I pride myself on being THE Prep Pigskin Prognosticator, your Guru of Gridiron Guessing. But so far, I wouldn’t last very long on Extreme Chefs with the bland steaks I have been serving.

The only thing I can say is that I have missed on the appetizers, and now it is time for the main course. Region games and region crossover contests are on tap for this week, and it is time to prepare the perfect sauce, add the exact combination of spice and sweetness and deliver up a sizzling morsel that slices itself when you look at it and dissolves into the nectar of the gods when you put it in your mouth.

Last week, my bisque was a little bitter on the way to a 3-2 week, and I’m 10-7 for the year.

Bring it on!

Game of the Week — Cartersville at North Murray: If I had known my column was going to mean receiving Kool-Aid in the mail, I would have said I wasn’t buying the Mercedes Benz the Mountaineers are selling.

I will say that my kids are loving the sugary red deliciousness, though, so send some more. My son Chance, who turns 6 on Saturday, asked when we were getting some watermelon Kool-Aid, so consider that a request, North Murray faithful.

My only request this week is that Cartersville blows in like the Category 5 destructive powerhouse it should be, and not some tropical storm that is all blow and little bluster.

Yes, yes, Mountaineers, you had fun against Southeast Whitfield (guarantee they don’t lose this week), Dade County and Johnson-Gainesville, but how will you fare when the National Weather Service issues a Purple Hurricane warning tonight?

Board up the windows and head for higher ground, because my wife is a little mad I said you boys could shave my head if you make the playoffs.

Whit’s Pick: Cartersville 42, North Murray 21

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