January 9, 2014

Graves votes to reduce paperwork burden on auto dealers

Submitted by the office of Rep. Graves

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ranger, issued the following statement after voting for, and the House unanimously passed, HR 724, a bill to amend the Clean Air Act to remove the requirement for dealer certification of new light-duty motor vehicles:

“I applaud the House for taking action to reduce the paperwork burden on auto dealers. Removing this outdated requirement will mean less federal forms at closing and one less government tentacle reaching in our daily lives.”

HR 724 would eliminate the requirement for dealerships to issue certificates indicating a vehicle conforms to federal emissions standards under the Clean Air Act to buyers who purchase new light-duty vehicles, such as minivans and pickup trucks. This paperwork mandate began in the 1980s, but due to other legal requirements and government or manufacturer resources it has long been duplicative and burdensome.

The bill passed the House on Wednesday by a vote of 405-0 and will now go to the Senate for consideration.