November 30, 2013

Hundreds mourn 3 brothers killed in crash

Associated Press

— Hundreds of people turned out in a southeast Georgia town to mourn three brothers who died in a fiery wreck in Effingham County.

Mourners filled a funeral home in Garden City on Friday night to pay their respects for 18-year-old Wesley Mulligan, 16-year-old Garrett Mulligan and 3-year-old Eli Hickox.

The three brothers died in a crash Nov. 21. They were on their way to pick up a sister at school when their truck struck a gasoline tanker and burned.

No charges were filed in the accident, and the driver of the tanker truck wasn’t injured.

The brothers’ remains were displayed in a single box that sat atop a four-wheeler. A cousin of the three, Brittany Hansen, said the whole family was in shock over their deaths.

“The three boys, they were good boys and they shouldn’t be like this,” Hansen said.

Many of the mourners at the funeral home wore camouflage, while others wore jeans and t-shirts.

“It’s not really formal. The boys wouldn’t want that.  They were all really laid back and fun and energetic,” Hansen said.